Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Girls"

Little over three months ago...I walked into these two guys lives because of a job....this is what makes life so unpredictable and exciting and truly amazing....because of that day....my life was truly enhanced by their presence in it!
When I first started at this job...in fact...within the first two days, I was told that these two guys were referred to as "the girls"....I had no idea who they were....so I just assumed they were called this because they were lazy or something, or maybe it's cause one had long hair...I had no idea.
So as time went on and I got the opportunity to get to know them and work more with them, it quickly became apparent just how truly amazing these two guys really are. They are in fact so amazing that others, older then them, who had issues of their own, clearly felt jealous of them....and I see this now...and these men that are still there left to work, live such sad sad lives....that they need to try and elevate themselves over these two guys so they can feel better about themselves.....not only is this sad...it's pathetic.
However, what makes me smile and feel so proud to know these two is that they are much more aware of who THEY are and less concerned with others that they did not let these weaker men affect them.
I just wanted them to know and the world to know....that they two guys....well....they are super great humans, and your life would be blessed to have them in it...and I will be sad that I no longer will be working with them, sadder even that they won't be there to eat cookies I bring in (side note: I decided that I will not bake cookies for anyone else at work), and I will truly miss the amazing life conversations I was able to share with each of them, and I will miss be truly inspired by their youthfulness, their open minds AND their muscles...cause they totally saved my ass at work so many times lol.
So boys....please come back and visit....and I will promise to make cookies for you and cinnamon buns!

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