Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well today was my three month work probation end I walked into my bosses office and gave him a chance to get rid of me and back out of our deal and be free and clear of me....but nope....that sucker wants to keep me around....AND...he even told me that in my evaluation that "I get along well with my co workers" I could not resist.....and I asked...."Did you fill this paper work out today or like a while ago....cause you do remember me telling one of my co workers to eff off and calling the other one a rather naughty naughty few words as well...WITH my outside voice WHILE you were standing right there?".
To which he answered...."Yes, I do remember, and this is how I see it....for a female who works in a male dominated industry, I never have to worry about you, and I know you can handle your own and I kinda like it that no one will mess with you and your not afraid to speak your mind and everyone know exactly where they stand and where you stand....that...and it's fun to watch."
Good to know I am a source of entertainment for the big boss :-) That being said....there really never is a dull moment at work when you work with so many different men and their "wonderful" personalities :-)

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