Monday, January 13, 2014

The dark side has come for me's happened....I have a cell phone...again. It's been a WONDERFUL five years cell phone free. I did not want sort of just happened really...all due to my big brother who came out to visit at Christmas. He and my sister are "addicts" lol. I was looking for something to play my music on so I have something to listen to when I am working out at the gym, and he informed me that he had a spare cell phone he had and I could use that to download my music on to....well....he then informs me it still activated and low and thing I know I have a million emails from him telling me all the features of the phone and how to do this and that and so on and so on......AAARRRHHHHHHHHUUUGGGGGG. My mind was boggled. Cells phones have changed so much since I had one....I almost feel "old" lol.....when I did have one it was a blackberry and seemed so much easier to use. The whole texting thing is also over the sense that now that people know I have it, they want to text all the time....again.....GGGRRRRRRRRRR. If you want to talk to me......FREAKIN CALL ME. It takes me longer to text then a quick phone call would take.
And when you don't text back in quick sequence..ooohhhh boy...more chaos's like there is some unknown etiquette to how fast you must response. What bugs me is that when I'm driving and texts are coming in and people want to know WHY.....WHY am I not responding...OMG.....I'm driving!!! I am not one of those people who text and talk or pull over cause OMG THE PHONE RANG for crying out loud....YOU WILL WAIT....dammit!
There are a couple of boys my sons age at work...and they are so very kind in teaching me the lingo and protocol of cell phones in this day and age lol....I even learned how to download my first app....OH BOY....but...that's where it stopped...I have no desire to download games, free or not..I have no time for them anyways...I HAVE A LIFE.....weird I know right.....that I would rather do other things then spend time on the cell phone.
However....I do find it handy, don't get me wrong....the convenience is great, but other then that....I can see why society is the way it is now....good grief.
In my brothers words "you can't cherry pick which sources of technology you will shun...they are all good in their own way".....yeah....I know....but I shall still shun secretly all I want lol
My favorite feature on this phone of my brothers is the feature where I don't have to try and text....I can just press one button and speak into the phone and then it types it all into the phone for me so I don't have to....but for some reason when I do this I speak in a robot voice thinking that this voice will be more pleasing to my phone LOL!
So yes...I have come over to the dark side....but I will not answer the dark side at the drop of a's turned OFF most of the time....this way I feel like there is some type of control lol...for now!

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