Sunday, January 12, 2014

Busy Busy

Well the start of the year has turned out to be busy filled with long days...and I am not sure how it happened and was just as surprised at how it just took over so fast lol.
One of the main reasons the days turned into even longer ones for me was that I started heading back to the gym once again...only until we get back to our property and get my treadmill out of our sea can back on the farm.
This being said...I start work at 7am and the gym opens at 5am, but I live 45 min away from the gym in town near my work, so I get up at 4am to go to the gym.....then after gym I head to work, eat my breaky at work before I start...and my day ends at 5:30pm and then I have an almost hour drive home. So I get home, shower, eat, pack my lunch for the next day, chat with hubster for a short while...and off to bed again....soooooooo....this is no life for me or my husbster I was as of Monday, I have been fortunate to switch departments at work and I will now be working Mon-Fri 7-3:30pm. FANTASTIC is how I see that...I will still have early mornings, but at least I will have more time at home with hubster at the end of the day and to me that is way better and worth  more then getting a Friday off that I basically am exhausted on from the previous four days of craziness.
So this weekend, being my last of having three days off, we spontaneously Friday morning headed for the big big city of was a last minute thought, and it turned out to be a great day for hubster and I, just what we needed.
We had a great day stopping at all the stores we wanted, taking our time lollygagging where ever we went, and just having a good time together.
One of the things we saw on the road while walking down town was this tiny's like a smart car...and my hubster was telling me how he had read about it can rent this car at anytime, or reserve it ahead of time, you go on line to see where the nearest one to you is, as they are just parked all over the place and there are a ton of them, you use your cell phone to scan on the front of the car and it opens up the car, you pay by the minute or a full day's the craziest thing I have ever heard of, yet once I saw it I knew it was the smartest thing I had ever seen, totally brilliant!

It's called CAR2GO......and they have over 300 cars with no fixed rental stations, when your done, you simply park it and leave it. Best idea ever!
As we were wondering around this area called Kenzington, we came across a pub with some signs that made me and my hubster smile :-)

And then there were the HOURS that we spent at IKEA....every time we go there we wander and wander, and while wandering we wonder and wonder.....which cupboards should we get lol...and so we take pictures of ideas we like and then come home and ponder and wonder some more lol.
We think we like these....but not sure if they are too big...but then we get home and we say....why buy new ones...the ones we have are great, why not just refurbish those ones with a new coat of knows what we will come up with.....for now...on this snowy Sunday morning, I am going to go back to looking at seed catalogs and think of spring planting :-)

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