Monday, January 20, 2014

Door closing?

Well...this Monday morning at work started with a full staff everyone from the entire place..(which is freakin 300 peeps huge) all in a the lunch room meeting area at 7 am....THIS has never happened in the history of this needless to say....people where shitting their pants lol
And they had good reason of Feb 3, there will no longer be a weekend shift...which works Fri
Sat Sun, and they work 12 hrs shifts. And the other peeps (which used to be me) who work Mon-Thur 10 hrs shifts will now work Mon-Fri 8 hour shifts....AND they are laying off 20% of the basically they said around 60 people....who will know by next Monday if they have a job. We were all told it has no baring if you have seniority or's based on job performance, sick days taken bla bla bla....
So as you can imagine.....after this meeting....the whole work place turned into a massive island of Survivor....with anyone and everyone running from this person to that person, kissing ass here, kissing ass fact...I really should have recorded the whole thing, cause it was pretty damn funny watching some people loose their minds over this...and the people who were kissing ass were kissing the wrong ones it made me laugh even more lol.
So as for what the rest of the week holds.....who knows.....will I get laid off? Who point freakin out or worrying about it...just gonna keep going with the flow :-)

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