Friday, August 2, 2013

The system

I had to make a trip this this crazy one room court house in a small town.....all paid for by the BC government! Why you ask? Why let me tell you.....all because some bone head a year ago thought he'd steal three sub sandwiches. Yes.....I too asked the same question that your asking your self in your head right now "why would they pay for someone to travel from Alberta to BC for some stupid sandwiches".
Well as part of the little "oh, I'll just take these and shove them down my pants" episode this moron had....there was a confrontation between him and I....which has led crown counsel to charge him with a wee bit more.
This particular person had done time previous for this type of thing and they want him to do more. I have not seen this person for a year but I got to see him a few days ago. Funny how it just all floods back to you when you see the "perpetrator" again after a year....he's such a dork too.....he showed up at court in jogging pants, wearing a baseball hat.....I think it's the same jogging pants he wore a year ago when he shoved sandwiches down them I saw him when he walked in the building I thought to my self.....maybe in fact he has a small penis syndrome and he wanted his wanker to look bigger in those ridiculous pants and that's why he was shoving subs down them!
Anyways.....when I showed up for court on Tuesday, there were two trials slated for the day. Well the crown counsel had to argue with the other trail lawyer for the other case as to why they should take the day for their trial....well the other lawyer won out and I was told I was free to go.....FREE TO GO.....ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME......I just drove 10 hrs for you to tell me I can go after being there for 20 min in the lobby!!!!! Sooooo, I now have to wait for a "new trail date".....could be 4 months could be a year....who knows....but once again....the gov't will be paying for my little vacation back to BC. RIDICULOUS waste of tax payers money is all I can say!!! But thank you tax payers....I ate some wonderful meals on your dime while I was out :-)

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