Monday, August 19, 2013

Drug virgin

One of the things that seems to be quite prevalent at Shambhala is drugs. Not just one kind, but pretty much anything you can think of...and for me...well I can only think of a for a drug virgin like me to be witness to ALL of them at one time in one spot at first was pretty overwhelming. The only analogy that I can come up with is that it's like going to Walmart for all your drug needs...some people have signs at there camps....others come TO your tent like carnival buskers lol...."anyone need acid, K, or weed" was a usual days visit to the camp lol.
But to watch the drug use is another whole ball after you get used to seeing it being sold as if you are at a farmers market then one has to get over watching it being taken and used, ALL THE TIME! For me the weirdest one to watch were K (Ketamine) being snorted up the everyone and anyone and the other bazaar one was watching people take a cartridge that one would use in a container for whip cream....but instead they use the container for blowing up balloons and then huffing the gas off of that.
So yes, for those of us not used to seeing first it blows your ever living mind...but then if your tend to stand back and just watch and analyze the whole idea of what your witnessing. That part of it is what intrigued me....watching and analyzing the people who did all of this.
The other unique aspect of this little world is how everyone selling conducts their sale....what made me giggle is how they all have scales.....little mini scales they pull out of their pants all ready for the "deal" lol....and some that really made me laugh was how they transport their "stuff" far my favorite guy was the one that came to camp with Mason Jars full of "special weed"...with all kinds of different names...that truly was like being at the farmers market for that one...but instead of getting your got a different kind of canning LOL.

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