Saturday, August 3, 2013

Small village, big heart

Our little village we moved to had Carmangay Days today. We had no idea what to expect or what was this morning when we woke up I said "well let's just drive around til we see a large gathering of cars and that's where the pancake breakfast will be" LOL...and I was right! So at our local curling rink they had the breakfast followed by a parade! Yup...a freakin parade in a village of less then 300 people. So amazing to me....we came from another small town who could NEVER pull this type of event off......even the next bigger town from us back in BC stopped organizing parades cause no one could get their act together to do I have to say it's rather nice to be in a place that is community minded again.
Also tonight I was invited to join the local library starting in September I will be on the local library board! Yeah me....anything to do with books is right up my alley. I should bring them the 3000 books that I have in a shed back on the farm LOL.
Here is a few pics from today's fun events....including grown men running on to the street to get candy that was thrown from the different parade floats lol.

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