Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sweet score

Today I went to the "Transfer Station"....or in other words....THE DUMP! Julie who works there is very adamant about it being called the Transfer Station......anyways...I went there because I was taking some garbage we had here and thought that would be the end of it. The thing about the transfer station here is that it's NOTHING like back in BC where it's usually a free for all at the you can't take anything back....that is unless you are very nice to Julie and ask for permission. Well while I was there taking my junk there I happened to notice that someone had dropped off a bunch of old windows...and really good old windows too..ones that I plan on using to make cold frames from for longer gardening opportunities. So I was able to leave with approx 7ish or so lol.
Here is an example of what I plan to do with them :-) 
I had made several of these back on the farm in BC but did not want to transport them here and so I left them there for the off chance I might use them there one day again. So when I came home today and I opened up the back of the hubster just roooooooolled his eyes LOL.

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