Sunday, August 18, 2013

When you receive

The things I experienced at my Shambhala week are ones that surpass many I have had up until that point. The feeling and atmosphere that bestows over the community of over 10000 people is mind blowing. To have THAT amount of people in one spot, stuck together for 6 days is just astounding. But what's more astounding is that everyone comes there with the same attitude....the attitude of judgement, no preconceived notions of who anyone is.....everyone just comes with an open heart and open mind.
Things that amazed me there: No one gives a shit what your occupation is...there is no conversation of "so..what do you do?"...that question is never asked....this is the one week for many to leave all of that behind and be equal with EVERYONE!
Everyone is LITERALLY equal with one another....whether you are a man and dress in a tutu, or a naked female prancing around or wearing a one piece body suit in the print of a zebra. No one passes any judgment. It really makes you think about life when you are in that world for 6 days...what if the WHOLE world were this judgment, just acceptance. WOW.
So before I left I madly sewed together a little gift to giveaway and so did my sister...she stitched some Hootie patches for me too. So while I was there I gave these items away...I always made sure that there was a reason why I was giving that particular person my gift of my self. There is a story behind every single one of them. I have posted a pic of two above that really stand out for me. Here is THAT story.
So before I left I found many people on the Shambhala FB page who had seen my Hooties and wanted to connect at Sham....but when your there, finding people you have never met is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE lol. How do you find someone who you don't even know what they look like? So this particular fellow in the pic with me and the other girl had said that somehow he would find me...didn't know how, but dammit he'd find me and he had a present to trade with me. it gets good. lol. I had gone to a tent in one of the musical was called the "Quest Tent", where you go and pick from a deck of cards and choose your quest and full fill it. The man at the quest tent video tapes you picking and reading your quest and records the time...once completed, you go out and try to complete your quest. My quest was to find a stranger, buy them a meal and talk to them for an hour. NO FREAKIN PROBLEM.....I love how freakin perfect for me. So I headed down to the main "town" part where all the food is in search of my perfect stranger...I wanted to find the perfect one lol so to I waited and waited and one that stood out to me that would be "the one". So I headed back to my camp and while walking back I thought I would take some video for the hubster back home so he could see what I was seeing. So while walking and videoing this girl stops me and says "what are you taking pictures of?" caught me off guard. I told her what I was doing and why...she replied and then we just stood there looking at each other. So I asked her if she ate today. She said no...I asked her if she would mind if I bought her a meal and chatted with her for a while. She said she would love that. So off we went....we had to go back to our camps first though to gather some while on the way back to camp with my stranger friend....this guy see's my owl purse and says "HEY...where did you get that Hootie...I am supposed to find a girl named Robyn, I have a present for her!" So I pretty much shit my pants and said "WTF...I am Robyn and I have a Hootie for you" which the new stranger friends looked at me like WTF is happening lol. So we explained to her what we were talking about and we all had a great laugh at the crazy coincidence that was happening before our eyes. So we headed back to camp now and they both chose their new found Hooties to take forever.
After that I went with Rebeca my new stranger pal and had a treat and was amazingly informed by her about perma culture for the next hour!
It was things like this that happened was impossible to not have a day filled with some type of profound inspiration or impact. So I really did feel like I had died and gone to heaven.....strangers that all love and accept each other and freakin awesome music and kick ass food!!! Ummm does it get any better then this?....ummmm NO...not until it comes around again next year for six days!!!!!!

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