Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer camp adult style :-)

In 11 days I will be attending what I like to call summer camp for adults. I will be going as I told you all before to my first music festival in Salmo B.C. I will be gone for 6 days, so it's like being gone for a week all by myself to summer camp....but as an adult! I'm not gonna lie....I'm rather ridiculously excited and so very grateful to have a husband who is okay with his wife leaving him for a week to go to a place with 10,000 people and party my ass off.....I know a TON of wives who have husbands that would NEVER allow them to have this amazing experience or would make them feel very guilty about hubster is helping me pack, prepare and even listening to me ramble on everyday like a school girl with excitement.
So for the last few weeks I have been busily preparing my little "goodie" that I will be handing out to peeps I meet or have a connection with....and even my sister has now gotten involved in my madness of "hootie" and helped out a TON with my craziness. The pics below tell of the "hootie' madness :-)
It started at my sisters with a very late night of my son and sister helping me cut out the shapes and sew the body part in prep for me to sew the eyes and stuff them.

I'm so lucky to have relatives who are willing to stay up all night helping me with my 'Hootie' madness.
Button selection for the eyes

Unstuffed "hootie" bodies waiting for life lol

Patches my awesome sister stitched up for me to hand out.....I will be in search of something special to bring her back from summer camp :-)

My special "hootie" mask to wear around Shambhala

57 "hooties" sitting on the window sill waiting for new families

Each of them are so unique and fun :-)

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  1. Wow, what a job!
    They are charming - so natural and improvised :)

    I was not for long on Kukliki - but now i realised we did no finish our job. Let me know if we continue on Guider Doll :)