Friday, July 12, 2013

The prep work

Well I have been told by my son that I need to prepare of few things for this up coming festival. He did say that I didn't "really" need to...but in his words "it helps Mom if you can come up with a little something to give to others while there". Ummmmm not sure if he remembers that I am NOT the creative one in the family. My two kids are the ones that are creative and that particular gene skipped me and went straight to them. It still blows my mind with how insanely creative they both are....on levels that really just boggle my mind actually, and I have to say I am pretty darn proud of them both!
So he tells me that lots of people make costumes for this festival as well. OH in a costume...that won't be traumatizing for the "kids" there at all LOL. So I have been thinking of what "my" theme will be....and I think I have come up with one that is "ME" so to speak. My latest small obsession has been owls lately...why...well....I have no idea...I just like them lol.
So my "theme" is going to be OWLS....and this is how I see bare with me...don't laugh too hard.....
So....I am some how going to come up with some type of owly costume of some sorts, be it a shirt or just a mask of some sorts.....but will get done. I am also going to create some sort of lil owl giveaway that I can share with other festival goers....and when I give them away...I will say to them....."I am having a hoot here at the festival" LMAO.....but then....I got to these kids....this may mean something else me that reminds me of when people were partaking in a little other recreational "smoke" and they would have a "hoot" LOL....oh geez....well.....what to do
I have decided to just go with it anyways...the irony of it all makes me freakin laugh.
So you will have to stay tuned for my up and coming owl designs that I create....I will post them here so you can see them before I go in a few weeks.
Now the next part of planning....the precision packing that is going to have to take place. I have to make a list of things I will need in case I forgot something imperative. Being in my 40's I tend to over think and plan....unlike my son on his first fest where he just "went" lol. And from his stories I am learning what I "don't" want to forget or be with out.
But because I am not taking my own vehicle and traveling with some "new found friends whom I have never met" I have to pack small but efficiently. THAT will be my biggest challenge! This is where my husband thinks that is impossible lol. journey of planning begins..and I will take pics along the way over the next few weeks to show you how it is progressing.
To others out there who are going to the fest....HAPPY PLANNING!!! To those who don't plan and just show up....come to my tent...I'm sure I'll have what you forgot LOL. 


  1. i have to stop and think before i leave the house to make sure i have everything even if it's just a short trip....i think it's a mom thing:)

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, I love it, you have me in do I subscribe to your blog, I cannot find the subscribe box.. I don't want to miss a thing!!

    1. Thanks so much!!! All you have to do is go to the part that say "Join this site" right above where it says Members on the right hand side! :-)

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