Sunday, July 7, 2013

Juicing....does a body good

I am now a firm believer of juicing. I managed to last 9 days on my last juicing reboot. On the 9th day I had a major blood sugar spike that occurred only because I was not adding enough veggies to my morning juice and my body being empty all night and then adding a lot of natural sugar was not good on the blood sugar levels....we were out and about and I was pretty close to fainting, so I had to race to get somewhere to ingest some peanut butter, which gets protein into your blood right away. Within in minutes I felt better, but I was feeling off all day.
So I decided to stop juicing for a bit to see how I felt. So being off juice made me feel alright, but I was still juicing once a day...but once I came off the juice fully....I honestly felt like crap.....I have felt lethargic and just ugggggg, not that nice crisp feeling that I had before.
Then yesterday I came down with a cold, my daughter had one and so I am now getting the remnants of it. So...I have started juicing to help with the immune system and to feel over all better.
While I was gone for 10 days a bit a ago, I found some fun glass jar mugs with a fun lid and fun straws...well how could I resist buying them...I just knew they would be perfect for my juices. So this morning I took a pic of some of the books I have in my arsenal and my freshly juiced loveliness.
So as I sit here and write this and sip my juice, I know my body is thanking me already :-) 

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  1. Juicing sure does do the body good. I recently lost 70lbs and I also got a book similar to this. I have made many very healthy juices. It is good to see this is becoming more popular.