Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good neighbors

Moving to a small town once again, there is always the worry.....what will the neighbors be like. In our first small town we were surprised to be welcomed the way we were on the mountain. Every day another neighbor would come by or stop by as I was working outside in the yard and they would introduce them selves. When you come from a big city, this is unusual, as we only knew the two neighbors on either side of us in the city. We always knew we could count on the neighbors if need be. The need came when we had our house fire, and we were approached by all the neighbors who told us if we needed anything, they would help. Fortunately we were helped by others but were very grateful for the outstretched arms to us.
So in this new small village we didn't know what we would be arriving to. we have discovered....we have arrived to wonderful open arms of many. From the neighbors across the road to behind us, to the side of us, to others across the village who just drove by to "see who moved in"  and would yell out from the car while driving by "welcome to town".
It's very heart warming to know there is much love in this small village. Our neighbors across the road come over to bring us fresh herbs, flowers from their greenhouse and to tell us that even if they are gone, come on over anytime and help your self to stuff from their garden.
The neighbors behind us came over today with a big bag of fresh raspberries. They too have offered us the use of anything they may have but we don't but need to use.
When I go to the post office. I am always greeted with a huge smile and a personal hello by name. The lady will even have my mail ready for me to pick up if she sees me coming up the road. How great is that!!!
The local Hutteriate colony has a Tuesday night farmers market in our little village, which consists of one table lol...but they have wonderful produce and baking....the main male of that group even made fun of me this week as I drove up....he told me I should have my license taken away....apparently he didn't like my driving style LOL.....but again...he did it all in fun.
I have no complaints at all with the wonderful people that are surrounding us, and this makes for a wonderful transition from one province to another, and for that I am grateful.
Now for those of you out there that know me, I know exactly what your saying in your head right now...."oh just give it time until they get to know how crazy you really are"......I say NAY NAY....I have not let the total crazy out yet, I don't want to shock them all at once okay LOL...I thought I'd break this new village in slowly :-)


  1. she was driving (well ok parked and ABOUT to lol)go RIGHT AT HIM on the wrong side, lol i was in the car to witness it ROFL

    1. Like I said...he didn't like my driving "style" LOL...and I can't help it that he showed up suddenly out of no where....I was there first LOL....sheesh lol