Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dumpsters and alleyways

I'm the kinda girl who LOVES these two things.....I am pretty sure I know how and when this "problem" started....I will explain the "problem" part later.
It started really waaaaaaaaaaay back when my Dad and I would spend a Sunday together collecting know...the ones that people just throw out their windows and then we collect them and take them in for some people frown upon this....I do not....I will never frown upon FREE MONEY! I have an Uncle that is so embarrassed by this he would often just want to give me cash and then say "oh that's so dirty, no niece of mine picks up garbage".....however.....I was taught by my Dad that MONEY....especially FREE money is NOT garbage. So I learned early that people will judge and the only thing that really stops a person from picking up cans or picking something from an alleyway or dumpster is your EGO!! That's right...the ego tells you things like "but what if someone I know sees me" and "oh that's gross and dirty"....and any other negative or ugly thing it can think of.
I lost that "ego" thing a long time ago......because when I collected pop cans or beer cans many a time when I was a single parent it bought many loaves of bread, many cartons of milk and many packages of I say go ahead and "ego" can take bad yours can't!
I am very lucky to have found a fantastic husband who also thinks the same way I do....his life experiences have brought him to the same thought pattern I have....FREE IS GOOD, NOT SHAMEFUL.
So today when we headed into town we had a great time garage sale searching, alleyway searching and dumpster searching. A good friend of mine recently experience my dumpster diving shenanigans when I found an awesome antique office chair that's AMAZING!!! Then upon further discovery that this chair and dumpster were behind a high end art supply store I REALLY had to get a closer look..and to my discovery...there were a TON of amazing different matting's, and prints and other treasures....all stuff I would have paid a SHIT load for. Now since I have a daughter and son who do INSANELY WICKED AWESOME art for me....I really did score big with all the matting I found!
I took some pics of our back alley touring and discovery's today!
Some of the stuff people leave out is CRAZY lol

I like how this guy put out a nice lil display table of all his free crap lol

The view from my alley ride :-)

This property is right on the alley way and this home owner takes pride in how it looks...beautiful flowers jealous of how great it looked!

One of my great garage sale find today.....3 for .50 cents! A girl can never have enough planters!!!

These two HEAVY stone bases used to be side tables with glass on them..someone broke the glass and had these in the alley.....we like them for plant stands now....but then again.....we have some other ideas too lol....again...FREE

My $1 cute lil night stand light.....again...since none of our main belongings have been moved to our new place in AB, this is a much needed addition next to my bed!!!

So now for the story about the BAD part of my insane desires of alleyways, and dumpsters.....your friends and family think your a hoarder LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT GOING TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW lol!

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