Friday, February 1, 2013


Well it's been 4 years ago this week that we moved to the Cariboo from Alberta. I look back at pictures and giggle with how excited we were with our first lil shit shack. How to us it was AWESOME.....we were so blissfully blind and happy, and I have to say, it really was the craziest 4 years of our lives and I wouldn't change a thing!
I am reflecting as we will take a new journey....but this time we will be armed with experience and knowledge. Aging does have it's advantages, you get wiser....look freakin older but dammit, I swear we are wiser LOL.
The house had approx 3000 books left behind in it...yes we STILL have them all!

Just so happy to be cleaning the fridge, even if it was disgusting, at least it was ours! lol

So much snow we couldn't get into our newly owned property, had to hire a big machine to come dig us out!

Ah yes...more books, did I mention we did a lot of reading the first two weeks lol

Just the name of our road alone was a selling point to us LMAO
The experiences we had in the first two weeks alone in that place are mind boggling, and I could write a post 10 pages long just explaining all of that, but there's no point, I'd rather write a book and publish it as a comedy best seller lol!
So, on to new adventures....but wiser ones now :-)

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