Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beginning of a beautiful road trip

We arrived in Calgary Alberta on our first night, where I was able to see my son. Oh how I loved wrapping my arms around him and hugging him. Feels so good to get a big hug from my son!!!!!
We used to spend hours and hours together talking about the days goings on, or talking about life theories. Now he is all grown up, living in the big city, living with friends and living life, and I am so proud of him!
So after a great evening dinner with him, we went back to my sisters house and fell fast asleep, as we had been driving for 10 or so hours, and I had just come off of working a graveyard shift. In the morning we were up and at em early heading for southern Alberta.
We stopped in a town called Vulcan. This is home of the "Trek Station". This is where we took this photo...cause I just had too lol.
After some time in southern Alberta it was on to southern Saskatchewan....and we had a great rest of the day there. As the sun was setting it looked so beautiful.
Tomorrow we trek further on into Saskatchewan, can hardly wait for more adventures, we are having such a great time together, me and the hubster!!!

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