Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We'll be on the road again....soon

Well next week this time we will be on the road to Alberta for another life adventure. It was four years ago that we went on a adventure and came here around the same time.  Funny how life works out. We have NO idea where we are going to end up and that's the fun part!!!!
We are looking to buy a home in Alberta or possibly Saskatchewan, who knows where we will be led, and by led I mean, I have no idea what plans someone up the sky has for me, cause really, it don't matter what I want, He usually has a mind of His own really, I'm just along for the ride :-) However.....I have put in a small request...well, maybe more like a sort of demand that He takes me to Alberta mostly....and if He doesn't that I will be rather mad lol. I'm sure that went over really well with the big guy in the sky lol.
Anyways.....we are not selling our property here in BC, we will keep it and sit on it a while, but for now...we are looking to move.
I am excited beyond words, and totally freaked out at the same time, cause really, when you have no idea what's gonna happen it's unnerving a bit....but thankfully I am married to someone who had just as much adventure in him as I do, so it works out great!!!!
So I will take a ton of pics of our one week adventure next week and post about our crazy discoveries!
Can't wait for the next step!!!!

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