Saturday, February 9, 2013

Road trip observations, findings and experiences!

- Got stopped in Banff AB on the beginning of our trip by the RCMP because my seat was leaning to far back, and when the officer came to my passenger side window, and I put my seat up, I scolded him for waking me up from the best sleep ever since I had just come off a graveyard which he was shocked that I had the gull to scold him lol. He then proceeded to tell us our mudflaps were not long enough for the province of which I replied..WHAT!!!!! lol.....we were not ticketed, as I believe he was probably afraid for his life lol.
- People in SK are so much more friendlier, like almost on the verge of annoying type friendly lol
- Farmers in SK plow the snow off of their fields, and I believe this is weird lol
- No one in SK has any clue about the internet and that my husband could make a lot of money off of them lol
- Driving the back roads in the Alberta's farmers fields because the GPS says so is also the most frightening thing to do with a husband who thinks it's fun to do that at 120 km/hr!
- When at the end of the farmers field road that GPS told us to take, one has to undo the fence and then put it back up...hmmmm, they should at least prepare you for this you'd think lol
- Old houses with dirt basements terrify me, as I think in my head all the ants and crawly things are coming into the house in record speeds ALL the time LOL
- My husband wants to trade his boat to a farmer for the use of the farmers combine tractor to make a snow race track way out in the farmers field for winter racing....again....I just shake my head.
- We discovered that almost all of the small micro towns in SK that have motels require you to check in at the pub or watering hole across the road, or you have to call the owner and he comes down to the motel from his place across the micro town taking 2.5 minutes. There is no such thing as an office lol
- Everywhere in SK there is a CO OP, and I was finally explained what and why it's here and why it's so popular.
- I now know why my brother HATED driving in his big rig on the SK's because of the frost heaves and after 4 hrs of driving on them myself, I wanted to get out and punch them lol
- There are sooooo many towns I loved, but just didn't find the perfect home....yet.
- I miss how majestic the sunrise and sunsets are in the flat lands.
- Hand waving on all side roads is REQUIRED lol

These are a SMALL fraction of many....I might add some more later :-)

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