Saturday, February 16, 2013

Road trip finds

 Potash mines in Saskatchewan are HUGE....on our trip we passed 6 huge ones on the main highway...I have no clue how many more there actually are, but this is a MASSIVE money maker for the Scachatonians lol.

 Also along the way on our trip we saw some bazaar things along the road that I am sure are normal to people out there, but they are not normal to me....hence why I have renamed them to my liking. When one is stuck in a vehicle for long periods of time, one has to entertain as I was staring at these for hours at a time as we passed them I got to thinking....what if in fact these things belonged to aliens and they were spaced just right all over the place to suck all of our knowledge into them...then I realized.....oh yeah...I am in Saskatchewan LOL...I renamed them "eyepods"....not the kind my kids know about though for the remainder of the trip....I would make statements such as "oh look, another eyepod" lol. The look like a eyeball on a tripod....therefore becoming a "eyepod" lol

The next picture is of what we found in farmers fields in Saskatchewan....this is their way of advertising. They take two large round hay bales, put them on top of each other and them wrap the beer ads around them....good marketing, and funny as hell to see in the fields quite frankly....I can't even imagine who and how they came up with that idea lol.

The next picture I have NO explanation for...we just saw this truck parked on the side of the road in small Alberta town somewhere, I wish I remember, but when you've been in so many town in 8 days it really is just all a blur. Anyways, we just wonder what the hell this guy is thinking lol. Click on the picture to make it bigger and you too will shake your head LOL

 These next few pics are from the small Alberta town of Drumheller. We spent the night there and in the morning I had the most fantastic buckwheat pancakes at this small hole in the wall restaurant....if you are ever's a must that you go to Wifs!

 The great thing about traveling in the winter is that there are NO tourists dumb enough like us to be out and about in these areas like you get them all to yourself! I didn't have to worry about anybody getting in the way of my dino shot here at all.

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  1. OH the fun of a road trip! We have gone the Drumheller route and were there before they fenced off the hoodoo's. So sad. The giant dinosaur was silly and fun. Girls picked money out of his mouth ~ like a fountain! haha. Enjoy your property search!