Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And so our new journey begins!!!

Carmangay is a village in southern Alberta, Canada. It is located 62 kilometres (39 mi) north of Lethbridge and 150 kilometres (93 mi) south of Calgary, along the Canadian Pacific Railway, east of Highway 23. It takes its name from C.W. Carman, who bought 1,500 acres (6.1 km2) to grow wheat in 1904, and his wife, Gertrude Gay.
Carmangay is the site of the Carmangay Tipi Rings - archaeological tipi ring site, documenting the existence of Clovis people as far back as 11,000 years in this area.[2]


We are so very very excited for our new journey to begin, and it will begin in April. We bought a house, have not a clue who we will be residing next too, know nothing of the area really and look forward to being in our OWN home finally.
We have to wait for our daughter to graduate before we can make the full transition to our new home, and for this we are kinda happy, that we will be able to take our time with this move and that it won't be a big rush, but nice and gradual. 

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  1. Congratulations Robin! I am excited for you as you begin your adventure.

    Is the house in town? Do you have some land? I hope you will keep posting, and put up some pictures of the new place.