Friday, February 15, 2013

Real Estate Agents...a dieing art!

Over the last eight days of travel that are now done.....we have met quiet a few real estate agents. Only ONE out of them all, was professional, not annoying, respectful, helpful, delightful, honest, willing to go the extra mile etc. The list could go on with that particular one, but as far as the really just blew our minds at the lack of professionalism, lack of care, pretty much the lack of any skills really.
I have discovered that selling a house is becoming a dieing art, and that there are some out there that are NOT good at it.
I supposed we have been spoiled by have the most wonderful experience with one out here in the Cariboo when we first moved here. And because this couple was so great to us, I am going to mention them here.
There name is Ingrid and Gerhard Berger from Century21 Seaside Realty Ltd(100 Mile)!
When we started out expedition our here they went ABOVE AND BEYOND what they had to do, and because of that, we would use them over and over and over, and we tell EVERYONE, if your moving to the Cariboo.....CALL THEM!
Not only are they the most AMAZING Realtors, they are amazing people, who CARE, and this seems to be lost in the real estate world I have found. I am not saying ALL Realtors are like that, but let me tell you, over eight days, I have seen and experience some real crappy ones, so yes, I have the right to say what I am saying.
So since I am plugging some Realtors here, I would also like to plug my cousin who is as well a kick ass realtor out in the Toronto area, so if you are ever out that a should contact Cam at Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.
He too will go above and beyond for you and your needs, because he too CARES. Like I said, it seems to have become and art to sell a house, and these ones know how!!!
We have not made up our mind on which house we are going to choose, we don't want to make a hasty decision, we want to really think it through.
Once we know, the world will know, cause I will be so excited!!!

Again, you need a house in any of these two places, these are the two to contact...NOW GO BUY A HOUSE lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Robyn! Glad your house hunting went well! It can be overwhelming and stressful, when it should be like falling in love :)

    Hope you're well,