Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frick n Frack

First of all let me start by saying how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life....I often wonder why I am so blessed on those days I am such a hag...but non the less, I am blessed. The last four years here in the cariboo have brought me many blessings, and one of them is a wonderful woman I worked with in the last year Dolores. Now you would have never know that we would like each other if you ever based in our first day of work together....that poor woman went home and wanted to quit!!! Thus me wondering why I am blessed if I can be such a hag lol.
Anyways....if working with one crazy ol bat ( yes that's right D, I called you a crazy ol bat ) isn't enough, well ANOTHER one showed up....and if THAT is not bad enough those two found out that they were born on the SAME day and the SAME year!!!! What are the freakin chances of this happening out in the middle of no where!!!!
Work aside, I was blessed by a very kind women in my life. I have laughed with both of them, and laughed AT both of them LOL.
Today I picked up one and took her to the other for a girl's morning coffee date. The pictures are from our wonderful morning. I just wanted to capture what friendship and kindness looks like no matter who or what age you are!
These two crazy ladies were dubbed Frick and Frack at work.....they truly were two pea's in a pod!!!

This is Robbie, he is named after Robert Plant!

It's never been determined who is oldest or the shortest!

Frick and Frack catching up on some good ol gossip
Dolores spoiling me with Starbucks latte made by HER!! She should have been a Barista!!!
Taking in the beautiful view

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