Friday, March 8, 2013


It seems that if you know me more then just in passing you will understand this statement coming from me....or possibly your misfortune if you don't know me and you get this side of me. I do not nor will I ever, apologize for being this way, or growing into the person I have become who has one.
In fact, I think the world needs more people who have opinions, maybe more things would get done or be accomplished.
This small rant I am about to have is based on my personal experience, I will not be using any real names, so you can all calm down lol. My blood pressure may go up in the writing of this rant, so who knows where it will lead to or trail off too, because I know already when I am passionate about something who knows where it will lead to lol.
I was having a conversation with a friend today, and I must say, I think she is rather smart, because she thinks the same way I do LOL...and we were talking about how it must be in the water here that is making some real "winners". I have never met so many imbeciles in my life in one spot. I in fact think they are making them somewhere on a farm around here....instead of animals, they are producing load of idiots somewhere and sending them out untrained for human functioning, or lack of it.
So you have an idiot, and then you add lazy on top of that along with lack of insight, ambition or common sense and have some of the finest that I have had to deal with in the last few months or more. I was lucky enough to have the ones I had to deal with add "liar" to the list of "talents", and why this would be shocking once again to me I am not sure, clearly I was hoping for the best again lol...silly me.
I don't much have any time for lazy, liars, drug addicts of any type, pity party - poor me - I am the only one whine whine whine people who blame EVERYONE except them selves and don't take any responsibility.
No one is holding a gun to my head when I over eat, I don't blame Save On Foods for making me fat, I BLAME ME!!!! I have no excuses, and cannot point the finger at anyone but myself nor would I have the audacity to try to. However, I am running into all kinds of "special" folk who blame EVERYONE else for their problems, and it's really pissing me off :-)
I have made MANY mistakes in my life, don't get me wrong there, I am NOT perfect in any way shape or form, and I will continue to make mistakes in my life, thank goodness I will learn from them and correct accordingly.
I really wish I could go into the special details of the idiots I have had to deal with, however, since they are still "freshly" moronic I have to wait a bit, or at least until I have moved and can no longer be directly affected by the details of their moronic tactics. Crazy I know, why should I even care really, as I have already given them my opinion so they know exactly what I think, but they keep coming back for more!!!!!!! This is what is blows me away.
Like I said earlier, my friend has the same opinion I do, it's time the world stops codling these idiots and start calling "a spade a spade" "liar a liar" "drug abuser a drug abuser", yes I KNOW they are all humans..bla bla bla....BUT COME ONE...HELP YOUR SELF!!!! and stop making the rest of us pay for their problems, lets make them face them and deal with them just like the rest of us functioning people. And don't tell me I don't know what they are going through, cause I will have NO part of THAT bullshit tactic! If in fact, if that is the road of your opinion.....the...oh you don't know what it's like......then you too should be put in the same special pasture as them! STOP making excuses people.
I just want to send out a special thank you to my friend who has had to listen to me rant about these idiots for the last while, you will know who you are cause you are the ONLY other one that GETS IT. CULL THE HERD!!!!!! 

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