Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A suprise in the mail!

A while back my husband and I were watching some t.v and he had recorded a show about some women in the US who had their own show.
So I thought it was gonna be watching another one of those desperate housewife shows. Well, it was to some degree but then some of it was not. Well one person on this show caught my eye..her name is Lana. There have been some interviews with her, one I watched was on Dr.Phil. Well she struck a cord with me when it came to parenting. Now everyone has there own opinions, and she does as well. I just happen to agree with her. I think what she is doing with her children quite frankly is FANTASTIC, I also think that there are parents who shame her but do the EXACT same thing as her but on a much smaller scale.
Her daughter is rewarded with large shopping expenditures, and other things, but really, her daughter works darn hard, and she is learning that she has to EARN things....which is more then I can say for some spoiled brats out in this world who get anything they want WITHOUT earning it.
So I thought I would find out what this Lana's web site was and send an email to her. So I looked her up, found her "people" and sent off an email. Well within an hour, her peeps sent me an email telling me they forwarded my email to her.  Then within another hour SHE....Lana...emailed me. WOW!!!! Not in a million years did I expect that at all. My only intention was to say I thought she was doing a great job as a Mom and that was all. Sometimes I feel that Mom's just need to hear some positive feedback once in a while and that was what I wanted to do. I don't think it matters whether you have a billion dollars or 5 dollars, a Mom is a Mom, and that's what I have in common with Lana.
Well this is what I got today in the mail from Lana. THANK YOU LANA!
She sent me a t-shirt, a ring and a signed picture. So like I said before....we all have our own opinions and beliefs on things, but in the end, Lana is just like me, a Mother, Sister, Daughter, and a pretty fierce woman!!!

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