Monday, January 28, 2013

Yummies I like

So on the first of January, I went full vegan, and tried to go off of which I thought I was in some horrendous pain experiment by the aliens lol. Man was that head felt like it was going to cave in from with drawls of sugar. I lasted a week, how pathetic is that!
The one this that has continued on is the vegan lifestyle, and I quite like it. I have been experimenting with new ideas and finding wonderful new foods.....such as Chinese broccoli....I have never heard of it (again, how pathetic is that) and found it at Super Store for cheap and it's DELICIOUS.
Anyways....this new eating journey is turning out to be quiet fun at times and challenging at others, like when we want to eat out and can't find a single place to eat so we just stay home lol.
Here is a link to a really great video about being vegan, it's well worth taking the time to watch. ( just copy and past and watch!!!)

These are a few things in my kitchen I love to eat.

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