Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alone time

Anyone who has ever known me, past or present knows that I like to have my alone time. Even back in high school, I had lots of friends, but I liked to be able to have some alone time. I loved going for dinner by myself, coffee, shopping, pretty much anything. I never had the need to always HAVE to be with somebody to do stuff.
Back in the day as a single parent going to Tim Hortons was my thing....having coffee and reading the paper was the most wonderful luxury ever.
Now being married, my wonderful husband understands that I still need that "alone" time, and he sometimes teases me about it, but he is very gracious and understands my need to be alone.
This weekend my husband took me away for two days to Kamloops. I have had the most WONDERFUL weekend ever. Shopping, eating, more shopping, just driving around aimlessly and just having alone time with my husband.
Well this morning at our hotel, I was able to get some of that me "alone" time. My husband loves to sleep in, and I am not a sleep in type person, so I slipped out to the breakfast area for some breakfast, and this is how it looked for me this morning. Had my paper, coffee and good eats....AND, I was alone, no one else was there yet for their breakfast, so it was PERFECT!

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