Saturday, January 12, 2013

I bit the bullet...

I got a three month membership today to our good ol workout gym here in my small town. ONLY because running into a headwind of -29 REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!!
I found that my motivation was getting worse and matter HOW many layers and clothes I was wearing. So rather then slip back onto the world of excuses which I found my self doing...I decided to bite the bullet and get a membership for a few months till the harsh cold passes.
It KILLS me running in a ROOM....when I have been so used to running in the beautiful open spaces with wonderful scenery and fresh air. Even worse....when the person next to you is more worried about how their hair looks while on the elliptical...makes me want to reach over and push them off LOL.
HOWEVER....I have to say...running on a treadmill tonight felt like running on clouds compared to the hard pavement I have been on..and NOT having to wear a million layers...wearing a tank top and actually seeing the sweat drip off my felt pretty darn awesome. And it's THAT feeling that makes me want to keep going and going and come back day after day.
Another thing I thought would never happen to is "evening running sessions"...I for some reason have it in my head that I can only run in the morning....well...since I am working graveyard shifts....I am now running before work, and I have to say, I rather like it....cause really, when you think about kinda is my morning!
So for the next few months, this will be my gym....until the open road calls me back with warmer winds :-)

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