Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To fart or not to fart, that is the question!

Since I have been running at the gym, I have come across a serious problem! FARTING....you may be like my husband and say " I didn't realize this was a problem for you "...well it is....because.....since I was road running before this, there was never an issue, I could just let them rip as I as running cause first of all...IT WAS OUTSIDE....and secondly.....NO ONE AROUND ME.
Well, now there are people around me or in the same general area and I can't let them rip when ever I want. And it's not like I know when the farts are gonna need to be expelled...and it's not like all the time that I need to fart, but the fact that I now know I can't just fart when ever I want is the problem, because I am now constantly aware of the lingering possibility that I may need to fart but won't be able to...UNLESS...I am alone and in that case I am a happy farting runner!!!!

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