Friday, April 3, 2015

The learning curve

I started a new position at work. I went from truck driver to dispatch office girl. I literally hugged my truck good bye, because for the last ten months it has been my office, my refuge, my zen place, my everything really. I never would have thought I would bond with a job the way I did with that darn truck.
Now....I am back in the "walled cell". It's been seven years since I was in a "office" job.
This is what I know about being both the trainer and the trainee in a new position. It is difficult in BOTH scenario's. When you are teaching a new job to someone you have to first figure out how they learn best...this often means having to put your own ideas of how you want things to go aside. Being the learner of a new job means you need to listen, write things down, and try try try to soak it all in and hope something is retained.
The first couple of days last week are pretty much a total blur to me. This week...more blur with a bit of clarity. I will be the first to admit....learning something new is hard...but I love it. At first my trainers were totally awesome, super positive and helpful...but things in the office are happening that are way over my head and have been stirring before I got in there but are now affecting me. Yes...there is ALWAYS some type of drama when you work in close quarters with others....but it's like 6 freakin days in lol.
Being older and often not wiser...this is what I have no give a shit lol. Other peoples drama is not my drama....I will continue to be ME...and that is pretty much HAPPY....cause you can't get down unless you allow someone to get you I have taken upon my self to just keep plowing through the best way that I just learning what and when I can and just being happy.
So far, this is working magically for me and I love it. Also..I get an hour for lunch so I take a 45 min power walk everyday and it's pretty much the most amazing zen therapeutic thing in the world and it produces a force field shield of protection from all negative Nellie's and makes me even more uber happy, which might just irritate those who are not in love with their own happiness. I'm hoping that some happiness will fall on them and they too will want to be happy lol.
Either way....I freakin love my new job...yes it's hard and everyday it gets better and easier...and soul will not be sucked from me...just the soul will overflow onto others!

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