Monday, April 13, 2015

Province jumpers...fleeing for flat lands

This post is not what you may think it's fact I know it's not lol. This post is about a family of snails who hid inside a plant that my Mother gave me a few weeks ago and I brought it back with us for here. The plant is called Hen's and Chick's....and she has had this plant outside in a big pot forever...and since they were moving she gave it to me.
This pot and plant have been sitting on my dining room table for three weeks amongst all the other seedlings we are yesterday was transplant day....and I thought I would move this plant of my Mothers to another area.....but it took a pit stop off in the kitchen with me first....and so I turned around to do something else and then I turned around and saw a snail on the counter......I was like "what the heck...this was not here 1 min ago" I asked my husband if he did this....and of course he denied everything lol....and this time he was innocent.
So he comes over and takes a look at the snail, and we put it in one of the big potted pants we have cause it was just the shell....not sure if it was dead or then five minutes later I pass by this big ol pot...and I nearly pee'd my pants.
There was this snail all out and moving around. So I put a piece of spinach in the pot for him to eat...I thought he was cute....he did not like my I gave him a piece of apple.....wowzer....he totally went to town on that piece of apple. I must have sat there for 15 min in awe of how crazy this was to watch this thing eat.
Well it didn't end there....we still didn't know where the heck this thing came from....couldn't be here....we don't have snails or slugs hubster looks through the plant from my Mom's and finds.....EIGHT MORE pretty much we have a colony of snails....and they were very entertaining.
I have no idea what I am going to do with them....I can't bare to kill them...they are currently in a container with a closed lid with holes and lots of apples and lettuce lol. I so badly want to put numbers on their shells and give them all names lol.

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