Sunday, April 5, 2015

Art of the youth

I was at my son's in the city yesterday....and my mind was blown away.....blown away by the talent that lives in his house. He has several roommates and they all have individual talent...some musical, some drawing, woodwork, fire spinning, you name it....they have it....all kinds of different perspective art....and I just feel like the world should see it and hear it and experience it.

These are my son's prints...he drew all of these himself in his art book...and then turned them into prints...sometimes he spends hours creating mandalas of various forms and it's just truly inspiring to see the end result of his time and concentration.

His roommate Brandon....creates these pieces from wood...he has this machine that cuts out his design concepts that he puts into it and makes these amazing things like tea light candle holders on the top this giant hanging lamp that in person is just mind blowing!

This is another roommate Kali....she is musically amazing along with a crap load of other talents...but the talent I witnessed yesterday was fitting into a bathroom sink to do her makeup....HOLY COW...this is something I have never seen done lol.

Anyways....I just needed to share with the world how awesome these young adults are and that if you ever wanted to purchase something truly original and epic....I know just the people to hook you up with!!!

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