Monday, April 27, 2015

Music and it's madness

Every morning I have been getting up at 4:45am and going out side now to do my run or walk. It's been getting nicer and nicer and not as dark so I find it much more therapeutic to be working out outside then on a treadmill inside.
So this weekend my son came out for a visit and when he came he gave me access to his plethora of music he had just downloaded.
This may not seem like something exciting, but to me...I pretty much felt like I had won the music lottery. The reason being is because he has some similar taste in music as I do, but I don't have the time nor the slightest clue of who or what I want to download or where to find it or even what it's called.
So last night the hubster put a small portion of it (because we were able to transfer a shit ton and it all won't fit on my music thingy) on my ipod thingy.
Well I have never been so completely lost and transformed while walking at 5 am in my's absolutely insane how one can go from almost crying while working out because of the music and how it's mind blowing with astonishment and wanting to punch the sky as if I was Rocky running up some stairs in a old faded 80's movie because I am so exhilarated with sounds in my ears that once again transform my mind into another does help when you are watching the sun rise and you experience yourself running away from the light in the beginning of my run, and then on the way back from my run I run into the rising it's almost movie like...with amazing music in the background while your body and mind are on a trip of their own....just pretty much an epic mind blowing spiritual like experience I had this morning on my walk. Can't wait to see what comes up on the play list tomorrow morning!

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