Friday, April 3, 2015

Yoga so good

"My yoga teacher took this of me today. When I look at this my first reaction is of disgust. I didn't see what my teacher saw. "Look at your top arm and leg. The openness at your chest and hips is beautiful!! How straight your are able to get, and how you are supporting yourself and balancing on one arm and leg." Years of hating myself won't go away over night, but with the help of supportive friends I'll get there. Yoga is for EVERY BODY."

So my son's girlfriend posted this on her facebook today....and so I copied and and thought it was a great blog post for me....because today I went in my lil village here to yoga....yup...this lil village that doesn't even have a store, gas station...pretty much nothing.....except a great library has a yogi living here. Her name is Sheila and she has been doing yoga I found out today for 35 yrs....she's a senior and she kicks ass!
So today at noon cause I had the day off I went and oh was such a great experience.
It does not matter your level of experience or how good you's the fact that you try...and it's freakin amazing just how great you feel afterwards.
So I just wanted to share this positive post of the guy above to who is trying...he's one step ahead of everyone who's on the couch!!!

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