Saturday, May 16, 2015

A legend gone

I am pretty sure I would die with out music. It keeps me sane, it keeps me soul moving. Well the other day when I heard of this man's passing I was saddened.
14 years ago I had a friend take me away for a weekend to Kelowna, I was living in the Fraser Valley at the time, so we took a trek to this other city in B.C and my friend surprised me with tickets to see BB King.
The awesome thing about this concert was that it was in a nice small intimate venue.
At once point in the concert, BB King called all the women to come up as close to the stage as possible....which wasn't hard to do, my friend had gotten us seats already pretty much there...anyway...I'm standing there, in front of the stage with many other women...and BB King starts to sing "You are my sunshine".
There are no worldly words to describe the size and amounts of goosebumps on my arms, or words to describe how my soul felt while he sang and looked us all in the eyes and sang to us. At the end of the song we were all then given a flower. It pretty much was the most awesome moment ever.
So in his passing, I shall cherish even more, my special moment that has changed that childhood song for me forever.
See ya on the other side one day BB King!

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