Thursday, October 30, 2014

Village prop

Some villages have a giant egg, another has the largest kielbasa, hockey stick and the list could go on...I am speaking of other Alberta towns I have been through.....well village will have one of those ridiculous calling cards too. A gigantic windmill blade. How this came to be is quite a story, that I am sure no one will ever really hear about either.
When they were putting up all the windmills last year, there was an accident, and one of the windmills got dropped....major shit hit the fan with the company, it was shut down for a few weeks and all kinds of protocol had to be established.
So life went on, and it was all completed. Except they had this one blade of a windmill...they were gonna scrap it, until my village stepped in, and said they'd like this company said sure....I have no clue who's paying for this or funding it, I had no idea it was even happening until today when I was driving home from work and I drove into my village and THIS is what I came upon.

So I am not sure when this thing will be erected, but it sure is gonna be a mammoth looking thing in our tiny village that's for sure. So once it's up I'll take more pics, but for now....this big blade sits across the village practically lol. Long live the corporate companies who have nothing but money to blow!

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