Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving sibling style

I truly have to most amazing siblings ever. The two of them that are here in Alberta create magical memories with me. I have one more, he is in BC and I rarely get to see him, but I am sure I would create memories too if he was closer.
Back to the two here big sister is so caring. Her heart is larger then life when it comes to caring and compassion. Our oldest brother does not have his own family, and he's a truck driver, and so on special holidays he has no one to make him a home cooked meal to celebrate, and being a trucker, he is most often on the road.
So this holiday my sister brought it to him. He was delivering a load in the city and had a small window of time to meet up, and so my sister cooked all morning, and packed up all the food AND the good china with the GOOD silverware and all, and we all surprised him at his drop spot with a Thanksgiving picnic outside. It really was amazing!

The picnic table set up, my sister even brought decorative pumpkins for the table!

The crispy leaves under our feet, surrounded by big rigs and beautiful weather!
My son doing his puffer fish face....I'm not sure this family EVER takes normal pics lol

My amazing big sister who brought ALL of this together!

My big brother, who is loved by all of us and loved this experience!

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