Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Heads" up

There are no words to describe what you are seeing this vegetarian doing here....but rest may look like I'm smiling, but this is NOT a smile, but more like I am gritting my teeth.
Two days ago, when I was working, I had to do a pick up at the hell on earth place called's basically the place where they kill horses, buffalo, and any other kind of animal you want processed. When I call it the "hell on earth" place, I say this because, as a vegetarian, when you see the horses all lined up for the bullet and they are freaking out cause they know what's coming, there is something that happens in your mind and soul that just freakin makes you go to a "happy place", cause it's just so horrible there.
Well...being the good Mother that I am (lol), my daughter and son have been requesting some "bones" or skulls of any kind from me....which is so odd since I'm the freakin veg head in the family....but they know that their Mother's interesting life takes her places that are often just weird and lively :-)
So here I the "special" place, and I worked up the nerve to ask the ladies at the front desk of this place if they have which I was told..."we have what ever you want....even penis's". WOWZER....yeah, now try to imagine me keeping it together while I am told this. The list went on and on of what I can get...but I was told if I want a skull I have to take the WHOLE FREAKIN HEAD....and then she asked if I wanted a fresh one, like one just killed still warm and bleeding out.....AGAIN....WOWZER...thank gawd I did not have a container to hold the giant head in cause she told me it would be bleeding out into the container...yeah....that would be a lovely ride home I'm sure.
So I took two old ones, but they still have the dried up eye balls and brains inside and all kinds of other disturbing attributes to them.
The hilarious part of my day was bringing these things back to my warehouse at work and having to off load them there....the all know I am a veg head so when I asked them to help me unload some heads they all nearly freakin passed out, from disbelief and then disgust lol....oh sure, it's all fun and games to shout out "meat jokes" at the veg head, but when the veg head brings back some "head" they all freak out LOL.
This should be a fun process watching what my kids do with these crazy heads!
(I pray I don't go to vegetarian hell for this)

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