Monday, October 20, 2014

Fight night

I have a small addiction....thank gawd there is no rehab for this.....I'd never get out alive. I have loved UFC, MMA fighting for about 15 years-ish. I cannot remember the first fight, but I remember most of them...and how my love for the sport just grew and grew.
My brother used to go to a local pub with me years ago and we would watch the fights on the big screen, and he would laugh hysterically at how his little sister would turn into a crazy person yelling at the screen "punch him in the head, break his arm" and so on.
I am not sure where this came from or why it started, but non the less...I freakin love watching the fights.
This past weekend, my daughter came out from the big city and her and the hubster and I went to a live MMA fight night in our southern city of Lethbridge.
There were a total of 17 fights and it was hear the head punches live...and the leg getting smacked and seeing the knock outs right in front of you......OOOMMMMGGGGGG. I know, it's sick...but it's my guilty pleasure.
I posted some pics on my facebook page and I have a cousin who saw my post and responded with this:

"Ok so you stopped eating meat cuz you couldn't stand how we kill animals.... But you go and watch people be pulverized by another human with something some moron called 'sport'???? ... And consider it 'awesome' when someone is removed on a spine board..... HMMMMM"

I responded to her with this statement:

"Trying to tell you about my love for fighting over the last 15 yrs would be like trying to get you to smell the color orange! You just won't get it...and just because I have been a vegetarian for two yrs has NOTHING to do with what people WILLFULLY want to do in a cage as apposed to what happens to animals who have NO choice...a rather LARGE difference I'd say."

I can hardly wait to watch some fights live again....I have the girl child looking out for more of them in her bigger city. cause I totally would drive and hour and a half for that awesome stuff!

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