Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November winter

There seems to be no denying it...it is here, to probably stay...not melt away. This week is a cold one...cold enough that I am wearing long underwear to work already and it's only November...sheehs.
Thank gawd I was wearing long underwear at work actually, as I blew the ass out of my work pants on Monday, on my FIRST delivery....yeah...that was a great way to start the day...and yes...I was the "butt" of jokes for the morning.
This fall has been a busy one, busier then usual I'd say...I'm not sure if it's because we are closer to cities now and there is more to do, or closer to family so that makes it feel busy too...or the fact that I'm just getting out and doing more...either way, it feels good!

Two weeks ago I joined a roller derby league in Lethbridge...yeah....it's kicked my ass....not the people...yet....but the fact my body is NOT used to purposely falling so that I know how to get up type falling while rolling on four wheels at great speeds....AND not using  your hands to do it....SERIOUSLY...I think the last time this was done by me was at the age of 8! lol....so for the last week I have felt like I was 80...and I did not go to last weeks practice due to a snow storm...so my body has one more week to recover, or should I say prepare for the next ass kicking on Sunday lol....and I can't even complain that I'm old, cause there are other women my age doing this that are older or same age...so I just gotta suck it up lol.

Last week my son turned 24....yup....I'm pretty sure that makes me some level of old somewhere lol....he also moved into a new place...which is very exciting, since he was in a apartment for the last 3 yrs that had no elevator and he was on the top floor...and this new place has a nice big back yard for gardening and hammocks!
When I went to the big city for his birthday, we had a great dinner together with my sister and brother in law and his girlfriend...and then we played laser tag...to which I have never laughed so hard in my life...between laughing and screaming, not sure which I did more of...but it was a blast...and the important thing is that I did not come in last lol.....second last, but not last lol.

So this last weekend I was invited for to a fancy day and evening of learning and cooking Ethiopian food....filled with AMAZING conversation with some super fancy ladies. It was really really great to be with such empowering, educated women around my age for a girls evening of good food and good convo!

This next weekend shall be filled with more fun, as I head to the big city of Calgary for some mother/daughter time. She is taking me to some more MMA fights....oohhhhhh yeahhhhh...I am sure we will both be drooling and screaming like lunatics....for we both love a good fight....and she's even gonna join a MMA gym to start training her self....more for the fitness effect, but hey....I'm pretty sure it's for the "atmosphere" of fighters lol.

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