Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun filled weekend

My weekend started off by driving to the big city of Calgary to see my daughters very first place of her own...she is renting a basement suite with one other person and it's just so amazing how fast she is growing up....just yesterday she had come back to the country with me to tend to some other business you will see further down, and we were watching home videos from when she was a year old and two years old...OH MY...what a flashback....such a cutie pie.

So after I checked out my daughters place we headed on over to a Starbucks for a morning coffee....and the craziest thing happened there....I ran into a gal I went to school with almost 25 years ago and have not seen her since....the crazy thing is that we BOTH lived and went to school in another province and here she another province, in a big city at a Starbucks that I have never been to in my life up until Saturday and SHE notices me....CRAZY! we chatted and took pics...unbelievable...still blows me away.

After that we went and picked up another beautiful sons girlfriend and we had a girls breakfast in the city at the most AMAZING lil breakfast place...and I had the most yummy veg benny EVER...OMG...just looking at the pic again makes my mouth water!

Of course my life is always filled with some sort of randomness.....this day was filled with asking a stranger if I could take his picture cause I thought his mustache was FABULOUS, and the second pic is of I guess Calgarians transport there small cars tied with string to hold it mostly in the car!
My day in the city ended with meeting up with my big sister for a wonderful supper together...which always includes a good dose of laughter!

My weekend ending with watching my daughter prep the buffalo heads for their processing. I cannot even tell you how crazy this whole things is...there are no words lol...really, shocking I know...but it's just so hard to comprehend what I did, what I watched and what will happen in my backyard over the next few weeks lol.
Happy Monday to you all!

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