Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The death of Bathroom Bob

I am so sad I have no pictures of Bathroom Bob. Bathroom Bob came into my life two weeks the Bathroom....hence why he was then named Bathroom Bob. He is a moth...a gigantic one, who somehow showed up in my bathroom and their he stayed. He would move from wall to wall, or mirror, or where ever he felt at home I suppose.
Well, I have not seen Bathroom Bob for two days...and Bathroom Bob had not become Livingroom Leo, or Kitchen Ken...he is GONE.
The hubster did say he saw him fly behind the mirror the other day, so I looked there tonight...but Bathroom Bob :-(
So was so nice to be greeted every morning when I did my morning pee, or after work when I was taking my contacts's just not the same....I have no one to talk to in the bathroom now.'s hoping he had a great life (but seriously, what is the moth life expectancy anyways? lol)

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