Friday, May 17, 2013

Cuttin the lawn

If I could cut the lawn at 7am, I totally would!!!!!!!!! I in fact would cut the lawn at 5am or 10pm or whatever time, but mostly I like to cut the lawn early.
Well, even that's not actually true either....I like to cut the lawn ANYTIME. In fact today, I wanted to go to back to the farm and cut the lawn but I woke up and the skies were all dark and grey....and then they opened up and poured rain for hours....this was very distressing to someone who is itching to get outside to cut the lawn. I often wonder if this is some kind of mental disorder, the love of lawn cutting...seriously...who the heck loves cutting the lawn...ME...I'm pretty sure it's all my parents fault for creating this problem of mine. As a kid we had to cut the lawn on Saturdays, it felt like it took all day at the time, but it probably was only an hour lol....I have no idea...but even back much as I said I despised I actually liked it secretly. 
Well I finally had a small pocket today of nice skies and I went out to the farm and was able to just about get done when it started to pour again. Growing up in BC you tend to become one with the rain, so I continued to cut the grass in the pouring rain, as I only had about 10 min left. I was soaked yet totally content the lawn was cut....ahhhhhhh, now to wait for it to grow so I can cut again LOL!!!!!!!!

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  1. i was and still am a lawn cutting lover lol must be in the blood, but only of us girls as it seems the boys missed that gene lol