Sunday, May 26, 2013

The importance of family

There are a million families out there like mine I am sure....but I like to think there is something eccentric about mine. There is a variety in my family, both immediate and extended. And by variety I mean, a variety of personalities, beliefs, ideas, morals etc.
The reason for this post today is because I was surrounded by all of the above for the last three days. My side of the family came here and my Daughters Dad side of the family was here. Now one would think that would make for a "sticky" situation, but it was quite the opposite.
When you begin a blog, you know in your mind that there are people reading it from anywhere in the world, so what your writing can and is being read by ANYONE. I have never been the type of person to sensor myself, so why would I bother doing it here on my cyber on line like journal/blog type thing lol. So with that being said I am sharing all of this in hopes that my ex in-laws will read this and know how happy I was this weekend.
Yes, my ex husband and his wife and their kids came, my ex mother in law and my ex sister in laws and ex brother in law were here too....and it was GREAT. I am so blessed to be still welcomed by a family that was split so many years ago by two people who were young and dumb (yes, me and my ex, no I will not say who was dumber lol, however I take full responsibility in being young and dumb for my part lol) Everything happens for a reason has always been my belief and you learn from everything. That side of the family has taught me many things.
My ex husband and his wife could tell you many stories of the ups and downs we all have had, it has not been an easy ride, but what makes me smile is the fact that this weekend my daughter graduated and we ALL came together like a proud family, and gave her ALL of OUR love. It was sooooooooooo great to see her so happy and relaxed, surrounded by ALL of her family.
We may not get along, we may get upset or irritated, or disagree, but at the end of the day, we are all connected, we are all family, and that has to count for something!!!!!
My side of the family this weekend experienced all kinds of insanity....from my son conducting pop up bible studies with my parents in the dining room challenging my mother's core belief values lol to having a mini rave dance party in the living room with us all crowed in one spot.
I had the wonderful experience of having a camp fire with my ex husband all of his family, sitting around talking about old times and hearing new stories and reconnecting with them all.
So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for making this a AWESOME memorable weekend!
Dad and Step Dad giving their girl some love :-)

A very proud Mom and Step Mom :-)
Father/Daughter first dance at prom

Two proud Grandmothers!
One totally pooped out Papa from all the excitement lol trying to catch a lil nap

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