Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We came out for another trip to our new home in Alberta, just couldn't resist it since I am no longer working and have the opportunity to get some stuff done there before the real big move in June.
We are having beautiful weather here right now too, which makes it even nicer! On my back deck today it was 26 degrees!!!
On Wednesday I was able to make my first trek to our local Transfer Station....I was corrected once I got there and called it the "dump"...naughty naughty, it's where stuff gets transferred TO the dump lol.....either way, the transfer station lady name Julie is gonna be my new best pal so I can scavenge there lol. If you don't have permission it's not aloud.
This is where we make contact with the outside world lol

Tomato plants I just had to get started on the deck since it's so nice out.
My "take a break" spot on the deck.
Nothing excites me more then a new lawn mower blade!!!!!!!!! Sick I can see how much damage I did to the last one.....I loooooooooooooove the new shinny one my hubster bought me!! I have some sick obsession with cutting the lawn, in fact, since we have such a small lawn in the front, I did mine AND the neighbors LOL....this was so shocking to the "other" neighbors that one came along and asked me why I was doing that LMAO....I told her that since I'm here anyways why not? LOL I guess it's gonna take them a while to get used to me just doing things for them LOL.
Again, I couldn't resist getting some planters ready, these are just a few on the stairs. I was planning on doing some painting tomorrow, but plans have changed again, and my BFF is driving from Edmonton to come and visit with me, so I know for sure NOTHING will get done, and it will all be totally worth it!!!!

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