Monday, May 20, 2013

The box wall

I have been dealing with this wall for the last week. I am NOT one with this wall...this wall has moved several times. Up, down, around, I have looked inside EVERY point in moving crap from one province to another if I don't have to.
We have collected a lot of crap over the last 4 years, and this isn't even including the "other" wall lol...the other wall of boxes stacked up in the back of the sea can that is from BEFORE we lived here....boxes that have NOT been opened in four years time. Now that will be just like Christmas opening those ones lol.
I do have proof for family members that call us hoarders though, we HAVE thrown out stuff....the following picture is evidence of that....this is one of THREE trailer loads we have taken away in the last few days.
So this pic is proof!!!!!!!!!!!! We actually take stuff TO the dump lol.
This is the back end of the sea can, the part we have NOT seen what's inside the boxes for four years...that and the awesome Jenga like packing that's all on top of it LOL.

Gotta love the small path going from front of sea can to the back of the sea can...not a lot of maneuvering room, plus the sea can is at a bit of a slant, so it's like being a drunk sailor walking in the thing too lol.
So now to top it all off, we have have a dozen MORE boxes at our temporary home that needs to go in there we don't want to have to pack a moving trailer in TWO places.
Oh happy packing to us :-)

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  1. you may TAKE to the dump BUT it is the SHARE SHEDS that you cannot pass lol