Friday, May 10, 2013

More then just a sister.....

I have the best sister in the whole wide world...and I am not just saying that because I am biased, it really is the truth. There are not many people who can say so many great things about their siblings. Our Mother told us when we were younger and fighting that one day we would love each other, I thought she was suffering a mental disability if she thought that was gonna be true.....I now know she suffered no such thing, but that she only suffered the jealousy she would of me and my sister because she had lost her own sister at an early age. She told me that having a sister would be a gift.
Well I had no idea then what a gift she would truly turn out to be to me. As I write this story about her I weep, because it's hard to talk about someone who means so much to me and has done so much for me selfishly.
Every Mothers Day I think about my sister. She never could have children of her own, and she has suffered in silence over this, and I hope one day she shares her struggle with me, until that time, I can only brag about how great she was to me and my children. I can only imagine the suffering she must have had to endure watching her baby sister get knocked up and have kids without trying....but she took that suffering and poured her heartache into my children. There are not many women out there that could or would do this.
She loved, cared for, nurtured, mentored, disciplined, praised, fed and about a billion more things for my children. Not only did she pack me around on her hip when she was 9 yrs old and I was a baby, she did the same with my kids.
I was a single Mom for most of my kids lives, and my sister became my children's second Mom. There have been times she forged my signature for school forms, picked up my kids from school or drunk from a concert....she has been there for them when they were babies to teenagers and for their transition from teenagers to young adulthood.
I think my kids know their Aunty is great, but until they have kids of their own, or until they are much older, only then will they truly understand how selfless she was for them.
There really should be a who special day as big as Mother's Day for sister's or special Aunties. But until then, I want my sister to know that she should celebrate Mother's Day just like any other Mother, because she Mother's me and she has been a Mom to my kids too.
I thank you my dear Sister, I love you! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
My sister's kids Winston and Kayla

My sister and I on her wedding day 25 yrs ago...whoa I'm old lol
Worlds greatest Aunty and Uncle!

My sister and her husband and their kids.
This last picture is a small glimpse into some of the stuff my sister does for my kids....this pic was taken for my son's benefit....she was pretending to smoke from a hooka lol.....oh my....
I have one other funny story about her and my kids....when my kids were younger, we were staying at my sisters house, and my kids were in the living room with my sister and husband, and one of my kids, can't remember which one said to her "Auntie...why don't you and Uncle have kids?" she replies to them with "We do, have have the dogs".....if you could just have been there to see these kids look on their could tell, and practically hear their brains working....and thinking about it.....Auntie gave birth to puppies? I never laughed so hard in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only out of the mouth of babes!

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