Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My leaf hoarding pile!
My greenhouse, half done :-)
The garden is put to bed for winter!
My horse manure hoard pile!
Well, as you can see from the pics I have posted from today, my garden is ready for winter, and greenhouse is ALMOST done. Most important part is done, sides can get done anytime really, even if I had to wait til spring for that. I received my last pile of horse poop before the snow flies, which makes me really happy, cause it can rot all winter long under the tarp and snow.
I was at the dump today and was sooooooooooooo happy to find a bunch of bags of leaves!!! Sick I know, like who gets excited about finding bags of leaves at the dump lol...ummmm ME! I was blog surfing the other day, and came across a garden blog that showed pics of how she grew her potato plants. BRILLIANT was all I could think. This lady took some chicken coop fencing, made like a barrel shape out of it, put some leaves in it, put a potato in the bottom, and once the potato plant sprouted, she would just keep adding leaves on top, and because it's all chicken wire, it keeps it all neat and tidy. Once she was ready to harvest, she just lifted the round fence barrel thing up and there were all the potato's! Clean and all! Oh man, that got me so excited for next years growing experiments! I have heard of people doing this with straw, never even thought of leaves!
My garden has all of it's lasagna layers in it and finally covered with about 8 bags of leaves that I had raked from a friends place. That makes me laugh....I have 12 acres, yet I have to GO SOMEWHERE else to get leaves....I however don't have tree's with leaves! So that might explain why I get so ridiculously happy with leaves. I have a few tree's in the yard that give us leaves, but not nearly enough for my gardening ideas and plans and desire for great compost!
So hopefully the snow stays away a while and I can still get some things done outside.
Happy Nov 1st to you all!

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