Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad economy? HUH?

Well that seems to be all I am hearing and reading. And yes, I can see some of the effects the economy is having in some areas. My hours have been cut waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at my job at on of the local grocery store. I live in a really really small town about 30 km outside of a bigger smaller town lol. That bigger smaller town is the central location for lots of outer smaller towns. It's quite the meeting place for all of us crazy small towners to meet up, whether it be for supplies of groceries, gas, materials...or GOSSIP lol.
Well I have always heard about how hard it is to get jobs in small towns. Even when we were thinking of moving here a few years back...people were already warning me of the troubles I would have. Well....I have had no troubles getting a job. In fact, not only just getting one job..but two. In fact...I have had my pick of a few jobs already in my short time here. So, when I hear young kids or adults bitching about how there are no jobs, I feel like just smacking them. It seems that society has been a little spoiled...everyone only wants the "good" jobs. Well hell ya!!!! Who doesn't want a super duper great paying mon-fri benefit paying job!!! We all do! BUT, it's not what's always out there. in my take what you can make the best out of it!!! It seems to me that people just haven't suffered enough yet if they are still this picky. My parents always had the opinion that if you had two arms and two legs you had NO excuse!
Well, I may not have the "best" jobs in town, but I have TWO...and those TWO jobs help my family. Beggars can't be choosers! And so I am gonna have a blast with what I have been provided with. It's all about attitude I believe. Choice. How do you CHOOSE to be while at work. For me it's easy, I don't have to choose. I love work...ANY work, anytime someone wants to pay me to work, I'm a happy camper!
Could be worse, could be NO work, or work for next to NOTHING, or work and NO money...THEN I'd have something to complain about.
Yes, I make minimum wage, at two jobs that deal with the public...but if it wasn't for the public...I wouldn't have two jobs!!!
I REALLY REALLY have no time or respect for these kids who whine and bitch about no jobs, who aren't willing to work for what they can get, or go on welfare cause they are to freakin lazy, and then join things like occupy Vancouver and sit in a tent and smoke weed and bitch some more about the politics that they never voted for in the first place. And that's a proven fact....the stats are out there...PEOPLE ARE NOT VOTING...especially the young kids....specifically the ones protesting in Vancouver right now. Every time they interview one of those kids I just have to shake my head, cause half of them can't even put together ONE coherent sentence.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy, now THAT was quite the rant I just went on....sheesh.
Anyway......all I wanted to get across was this....if I can get a job..ANYONE can get a have to have a GOOD attitude and be willing to actually WORK! 
Wow, I feel a lot better now lol!

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