Monday, November 21, 2011

My tongue bleeds....often!


That is often the thought that goes thru my head...and then something happens...the brain to mouth filter switches OFF!
Seriously....there's got to be an app for that somewhere that can be installed in my brain somehow lol. However...sometimes it's a good thing. Either way...I have had both good and bad experiences from the loss of my filter.
Working in the customer service industry, my tongue is bitten daily, and sometimes quite often in a day. Other days it seems my tongue had the time to heal.
Yesterday....was not one of those days :-) I had the most customer service challenging experience TWICE. Oh yeah, it was MY day yesterday. How did I handle it.......ummmmmmmmmmm, probably not the way I should have, but it wasn't all that bad either. could have been a lot worse....and people who are close to me or who know me and have worked with me will say and attest to can ALWAYS be a lot worse with me LOL.
I won't go into great detail of what happened, but it all ended with me having to defend myself ONCE again LOL. The thing that really gets my goat, is when I have to defend my self when I was completely innocent of all charges. I really really think that someone needs to invent a mic system thingy that can be pinned into my name tag so that the all mighty office authorities can hear EXACTLY what went down and what was said by EVERYONE. Now THAT would be great! Maybe then, the office authorities would have some idea of the what happens in the trenches.
I often have a laugh to myself as to where I have come over the years and various jobs I have held, and what I have learned from them all, and what I have learned just from getting older. If this is what I am like at almost 40, I can't even imagine what my filter is going to be like at 50 or 60. Ahhhhhhhh the public should be very afraid.......cause my filter might just get thinner and thinner with age LMAO!

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